Fraud detection techniques: Links

Detecting fraud is a critical part of a loss prevention programme. Both to prevent fraudulent transactions on a day-to-day basis but to also be aware of emerging patterns.

Hi, name is Duncan Malcolm. I convene First Six Last Four to help us understand more about fraud threats and the things that we can do to reduce our risk in the face of highly motivated adversaries.

In this series we are going to look at the main ways to detect and identify potential fraudsters as well as critically how to know if we’re under a specific fraud attack.

When trying to identify fraud there are several approaches which can be employed to detect fraudulent users.

These are:

  • {behaviour} The customers are doing something different to normal customers
  • {links} We’ve linked the customer to a transaction that has received a chargeback;
  • {features} The customer in different in some way to our regular users;
  • {trust network} A 3rd party service has told us that the customer is more (or less) risky than others;

Today we’re talking in-depth about links.

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