Beginners Guide to Fraud

Beginners Guide to Payment Fraud Detection & Prevention

Over 50% of merchants have seen increase of payment fraud in 2020 and adversaries are using more and more complex strategies.

I felt it was time for a concise and comprehensive beginners guide to fraud prevention aimed at eCommerce merchants.


Learn about:

  • eCommerce Payment Fraud Trends
  • Payment Fraud Key Concepts
  • Lines of Defence
  • Fraud Screening Tools & Rules Engines

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    Payment Fraud Key Concepts

    The key areas of fraud that you need to know about. Whether you’re a product manager, engineer or working in a payments team. While they are basics there are quite a few and they’re important.

    • How payment fraud happens
    • It’s the card not the account
    • The two types of payment fraudsters
    • Fraud controls
    • Fraud alerts vs. chargebacks
    • Where to get fraud alerts
    • Payment authorisation vs. capture
    • Fraud features

    Lines of defence

    A pragmatic framework covering the key detection and prevention methods available. Armed with this knowledge you will have a strong grasp of the ways fraud can be detected and prevented.

    • Fraud spike detection
    • On site behavioural detection
    • Off site passive fraud checks
    • Pre-checkout risk assessments
    • Your payment processor
    • Your orchestration layer (if used)
    • Fraud screening tools & rules engines
    • On site active fraud checks
    • Fraud screening
    • Chargeback dispute management
    • Offsite monitoring


    Duncan Malcolm is a futurist veteran product manager — bringing the dark art of fraud strategy, tactics and technology into the light.

    Reading First Six Last Four is a bridge to help bring new perspectives and ideas to the tough and sometimes unrelenting world of fraud.

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