3 Amazing Value Passive Fraud Data Providers

Here are my five favourite fraud passive fraud data vendors that offer huge value for eCommerce operations with tight budgets

Hi, name is Duncan Malcolm. I convene First Six Last Four to help us understand more about fraud threats and the things that we can do to reduce our risk in the face of highly motivated adversaries.

It’s easy to talk about fraud data and features, but what are the vendors I should be talking to today that will help me detect more fraud?

By passive data, I mean checks you can do without having to adjust the customer checkout journey.
Note: I’m not sponsored by anyone on this list.

I’ll probably add to this list over time and update the article but here’s are my top three:

#1. IPQualityScore

Fraud feature categories: IP, Device, Email, Transaction, Phone

Small but amazing and great value hands on vendor based in Las Vegas.

  • Great set of APIs for your basic IP data such as whether a customer is using a VPN, Tor;
  • Simple interface for small merchants to set-up basic fraud checks without major site changes;
  • Pricing:  Free unlimited trial and full packages from $199/month;

If you’re looking for a first place to look IPQS is a great starting point.

#2. Telesign

Fraud feature categories: Phone

One of the key strengths of Telesign is their extensive suite of APIs around phone numbers.

  • Extensive data that’s hard to get elsewhere: Line type through to risk scores and checking who owns the phone number, they really add a angle that most other fraud vendors cannot;
  • Well documented APIs;
  • Pricing: On application but competitive;

#3. Full Contact

Fraud feature categories: Social

Not a ‘typical’ fraud vendor but social data enrichment is very helpful as an additional feature in your arsenal.

  • Full Contact are able to take an email address and sweep the web to detect social profiles and related details;
  • Pricing: They used to be competitive – If they turn out to be too expensive check out Uplead.

What fraud data vendors do you like and love, let me know below…



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